Plant Picture Library

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Fragrant and Deer resistant a great choice for the edge of lawns or near wooded areas.


Angelonis Serena Series

Great choice for large landcape plantings.



Great choice for dry locations.



Bacopa - Blue

Begonia Pegasus

Begonia Nonstop

Begonia Heimalis


Bracteantha - sometimes called Strawflower

Bracteantha Sundaze Flame

Bracteantha Sundaze Golden


The picture is old, because the plant is not new, but it is still a great option.


Great choice for shade locations, Caladiums provide a large variety of color choices.

Calibrochoa Callie

Calibrachoa Double Flower

Canna Lily

Tall flower power plants that love water.


A traditional favorite available in a wide color selection.

Celosia Twisted

Cervaza n' Lime

A refreshing aroma is what sets this easy grower apart.

Cleome Senorita Rosalita

A great thornless cleome

Sun Coleus


Kong Coleus

A shade coleus with large leaves that provide season long color.

Coleus Kong Jr.


More popular every year Sun Coleus are versatile, easy to grow and beautiful.

Coleus Alligator Tears

Coleus Keystone Copper

Coleus Marooned

Coleus Sedona

Coleus Dipt in Wine

Coleus Fishnet Stockings

Coleus Limon Blush

Coleus Merlins Magic

Coleus Pink Chaos

Coleus Royal Glissade

Coleus Twist and Twirl


Huge attention grabbing leaves are what set this water lover apart.

Combination Baskets

Instant beauty to any area, combination baskets make decorating easy.


A stylish twist on the tradional spike.

Cordyline Red Star

At 18"-36" Cordyline makes a great center piece or border choice.

Cyperus King Tut

This plant is a winner. Fast growing to over 5 feet and tolerant of many conditions including being directly in water.



Dianthus Green Ball

A great cut flower.

Dichondra Silver Falls

Fast grower that can extend to over 3 feet.

Dragonwing Begonia

Very durable plants that can be used in many situations.


A succulant that gives a bit of color, echeveria is a good option for dry areas.

English Ivy

Euphorbia Breathless Blush

Slighty pink flowers set this euphorbia a part.

Dahlia Mystic Yellow

Dark foliage with bright yellow flowers

Euphorbia Diamond Frost

Extremly versatile winner that produces scores of small airy blooms.


Fern - Boston

Fiesta Double Impatien


Fuchsia Gartenmeister



An updated version of a native prarie flower.

Geranium - Cutting

Geranium - Seed

Geranium Martha Washington

A Regal option for color.

Gerbera Daisy

Grass Blue Mohawk

Pennisetum Fireworks

Colorful option when grass is desired.


Hyacinth Bean

Fast growing climbing vines that produce dark purple seed pods.

Impatiens Bounce

Downy Mildew sun loving, drought resistant and not effected by downy mildew

Impatiens Fiesta Double

Fiesta is without a doubt the best double impatien available.

Impatiens Fusion

Great yellow color line of impatiens

Iresine Bloodleaf

Ipomoea Bronze

Iomoea Garnet

Ipomoea Emerald Lace

Sweet Potato with very fine leaves.

Ipomoea Midnight Lace

Ipomoea Sweet Caroline

Ipomoea Bewitched

Ipomoea Sweetheart Purple



Attracts Butterflys and Hummingbirds, Lantana are extremly heat tolerant.

Lantana Luscious Berry Blend

Lantana Luscious Grape

Lantana Luscious Pina Colada


Lobularia Frosty Knight

Lobularia Blushing Princess

Lobularia Snow Princess

Extremly fast growing and prolifict.

Lotus Vine

Lysmachia Goldilocks

Perilla Magilla

One of the most versatile plant choices available.

Morning Glory

Great climber that produce flowers starting in mid to late July.


Edible flowers that provide a salad with a little spice.

Nemesia Sunsatia

New Guinea Impatiens

Great color on Impatien Downy mildew immune plants. Great choice for shade areas.

New Guinea Ruffles

Semi double flowers add flower power

New Guinea Impatiens Baskets

New Guinea

Available in 16 different colors



Ornamental Peppers

Pansy Cool Wave


Great choice for full sun dry areas.

Phlox Intensia

Petunia Black Velvet

Petunia Double Wave

Petunia Wave

Wave petunias are a great option for large plantings that create an impact.

Plectranthus Mona Lavender

Purple Fountain Grass

Pennisetum Rubrum, one of the most popular annual grasses. Grows up to 36" and moves beautifuly in the wind.


Very heat tolerant

Rudbeckia Irish Eyes

Bright daisy flowers with a nice green center

Rudbeckia Tiger Eye

Salvia - A'Blazin

Two colors Purple, and Tobasco

Salvia Cathedral


Sedum Lemon Coral




The old standby for height, spikes are easy to grow.




Sunflower - Ballad Series

Dwarf Sunflower grows 18"-24" with 6" blooms.


A sun loving Impatiens series, sunpatiens need lots of sun and water to perform their best.

Superbells Misty Lilac

Sanvitalia Sunbini

Creeping Zinnia


Superbells Lemon Slice

Superbells Light Pink


Supertunia Black Cherry

Dark rich red color

Supertunia Morning Glory Charm

Bright bluser small flowers cover the plant

Supertunia Picasso in Pink

Supertunia Red Charm

Supertunia Roseblast Charm

Great color with controled growth

Sweet Potato

Easy to grow and love.

Talinum Limon

Great in combination planters, Talinum has bright leaves topped with decorative stalks.


Fast growing to fill a trellis, great full sun plant.


Verbena Babylon

Low growing and spreading a great mass planting choice.

Verbena Lanai

Great low growing spreading verbena, Lanai is very powder mildew resistant.

Verbena Lanai

Vinca Flowering Baskets

Zinnia Profusion

Great full sun plants that produce 3" blooms to enjoy all year.

Zinnia Magellan

Grows to a height of 24" and produces 4"-6" blooms.

Zinnia Zahara